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Cancer-Specific Mortality Is Increased By Erythrocyte Transfusion In Patients Undergoing Surgery For Renal Cell Carcinoma - AUA 2006

September 03, 2017

UroToday - Routh and colleagues out of Mayo reviewed the records on 2442 renal surgeries for cancer to determine the relationship between perioperative transfusions and cancer specific survival (CSS). Of these, 36.3% of patients were transfused at least one unit.

The 5 year CSS was 83.1% for non-transfused patients versus 51.7% for those that received perioperative blood products. Decreasing CSS was associated with increasing number of units transfused.

This study is intriguing in that it, like in other malignancies, demonstrates an affect of blood transfusions on survival. Whether this reflects a true immunological phenomenon, or simply reflects that more aggressive advanced tumors are associated with more blood loss during surgical extirpation remains to be determined.

By Christopher G. Wood, MD

Abstract 733
Routh, JC, et al, Rochester, MN

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