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European Prostate Cancer Device Market Will Be Driven By Earlier Detection Of Prostate Cancer, According To Millennium Research Group

September 14, 2017

According to Millennium Research Group's (MRG's) European Markets for Urological Devices 2009 report, the prostate cancer device market-comprising brachytherapy seeds, cryotherapy, and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) devices-will be driven by earlier detection of prostate cancer due to an increase in screening over the next five years.

Screening allows for early detection of cancer, enabling treatment at a curable stage that can be facilitated through minimally invasive devices, such as those required for brachytherapy, cryotherapy, and HIFU procedures.

Brachytherapy seeds will remain the largest prostate cancer device segment due to greater physician confidence in brachytherapy procedures and better access to reimbursement and equipment. Both cryoablation and HIFU will remain comparatively small segments; however, both will gain popularity over the next five years as access to equipment and training improves and more urologists gain experience with these procedures.

"To aid in our research we conducted a survey of almost 40 European physicians," says Lexie Code, Manager of the Endoscopy division at MRG. "When asked whether they perform each technique, the most popular-used by 66.7% of participants-was brachytherapy. 52.4% have used HIFU, and 9.5% Cryoablation. Some used more than one of these techniques as well."

MRG's European Markets for Urological Devices 2009 report provides coverage of key industry competitors, including Coloplast, Astra Tech, KARL STORZ, C. R. Bard.

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