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Near Infrared Fluorescence Of Intavenous Indocyanine Green For Intraoperative Imaging Of Renal Cortical Tumors

August 24, 2017

UroToday - Dr. Dragan Golijanin from Rochester, New York, presented their data at the annual meeting of the AUA on 7 patients who undergoing radical (2) and partial (5) nephrectomy with the use of intraoperative Near Infrared Fluorescence following the injection of 25 mg of indocyanin green. They found that all tumor and non-tumorous tissue could be clearly delineated and were seen as hypo-fluorescent areas distinct from the normal renal parenchyma. Benign cysts had increased fluorescence compared to normal kidney. This technique is also able to identify lesions not seen on intraoperative ultrasound and guided the surgeons to achieve tumor free margins. This may play a role in the future to aid laparoscopic partial nephrectomy as no adverse effects of the injection occurred.

Dragan Golijanin, Ralph R Madeb, Ronald W. Wood, Jay E. Reeder, Vikram Dogra, Jorge Yao, Ganesh S. Palapattu, Erdal Erturk, Guan Wu, Jean V. Joseph, Edward M. Messing, Rochester, NY.

Reported by UroToday Contributing Editor Leslie Dean, MD

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